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Instant No Mow Groundcovers

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Showing our unique Plant Tiles of Australasian Native no mow groundcover, Dichondra repens, which makes fantastic instant alternative lawns.  Children love to walk and roll on the little lily pad like leaves. 


“The children love to walk on this, it’s so nice and soft on their feet.”  

– Little Village Early Learning – a childcare centre in Buderim, Qld, Australia.

 Hardy, no mow groundcovers, that are non toxic and not itchy! Perfect!

Easily and quickly install the large living Plant Tiles to create an instant and dramatic effect.

Use our unique products, called Plant Tiles of no mow groundcovers to create stunning, alternative lawns and outdoor solutions instantly at half the cost of using traditional pots!

Our unique  Plant Tiles are cultivated and delivered in shallow trays measuring 330 mm x 330 mm and only 22 mm deep. The trays are filled with media and seeded with one of a select group of low growing herbs or perennials.

As the plants grow, the roots bind the media together so that the Plant Tile can be removed from the tray then laid on the area you have prepared. 

If required, simply cut to shape with scissors  then butt together and water in for complete coverage. No waiting for pots of plants to grow together! Achieve full green coverage instantly at half the cost of using 100 mm pots!

Q. What is the difference between a good garden and a Gold Medal winning garden? 

A. Gold Medal winning gardens use our unique Plant Tiles of no mow groundcovers! 2015 Brisbane International Garden Show and 2015 Horticultural and Gardening Festival in Melbourne. 

Use our unique Plant Tiles of no mow groundcovers to create an instant and exciting impact for your own stunning outdoor area. 

Revel in the delight of an instant transformation for your tranquil retreat using Plant Tiles as living mulch, on rooftop gardens, alternative lawns,  upholstery for living furniture or even as a table centre piece with a difference!

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination…

Plant Selection

Most Popular No Mow Groundcovers Always in Stock


zoysia no mow groundcovers garden landscapingDichondra repens no mow groundcovers garden landscaping

Zoysia tenuifolia                                                                                                                                        Dichondra repens

Other wonderful varieties – Please ask for stock availability

  • viola-hederaceae-1
    Native Violets
  • sagina_c
    Irish moss
  • Happy to grow to your order of one of these or your own special plant variety if required!