Plant Tile Zoysia tenuifolia

Native wildlife gives the thumbs up to our unique Plant Tiles!

This little native Blue Tongue Lizard loves sitting on our Plant Tiles even before they are planted!

As soon as he received our Plant Tiles, a client removed them from the carton to give them fresh air and water until he was ready to plant them.  He laid the Plant Tiles, still in their individual trays, on some paving to ensure each Tile had access to good light and watering was an easy task.

Our client intended to plant the Tiles the next day and went inside to his house. Not long afterwards he looked out towards the Plant Tiles and was delighted to see a happy little friend, a wild Blue Tongue Lizard, enjoying a bask in the sun on the Plant Tiles!

Thank you, Graeme, for this lovely photograph showing native wildlife approving our Plant Tiles.