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Dichondra Lawn chosen for Display Home.

A Dichondra lawn was chosen for a Display Home in Balwyn, Vic, built by Mazzei Homes and designed by DW Architecture. Landscaping was entrusted to Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Award winner: Nathan Burkett of Nathan Burkett Design.

People viewing the Display Home love the soft green foliage of the Australasian Native ground cover, Dichondra repens, which was created using our unique Plant Tiles. Children love playing on a Dichondra lawn as it doesn’t leave them itchy afterwards and feels cool underfoot.

The Dichondra lawn is a winner in that it will grow in both full sun and shade up to a maximum of 75-100mm in height. It is happy to take pressure from children playing on it and has even been used on some bowling greens in New Zealand.

A Dichondra lawn is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional grass lawn as the low growth of this native ground cover means that you don’t have to mow it, saving both time and fossil fuels. As well as looking great!

To find out more about our unique Plant Tiles of Dichondra visit here.

Dichondra lawn

Dichondra repens

Love the front entrance! Thanks again @planttiles for the Dichondra

Scott from Truscapes chose to use our Plant Tiles of Dichondra as a feature for his personal front yard!

Plant Tile

Plant Tiles: More integrity than a pancake!

Showing how well the roots of the plants in a Plant Tile hold together, even when flipped like a pancake! Plant Tiles are seeded with low growing plants and provide instant green coverage you don’t have to mow.