plants inside for indoor garden

Plants Inside for Indoor Garden Project

Bring plants inside for a groovy indoor garden!

“Our small indoor garden project in Greenvale is complete! We’re stoked & our client is blown away! A big thanks to … Franc @planttiles – Your Dicondra repens transforms this space into a tranquil (almost prehistoric looking) space! Couldn’t be prouder of this outcome- one of our favourites!! … Thanks @planttiles . We will be using your product again for sure!”
— Sam Ferwerda @_eseo_

great product of wonderful plants

Great Product To Work With!

Great Product with wonderful plants! Our Plant Tiles get the thumbs up from landscapers.

Native Dichondra supplied by @planttiles looking perfect still months after installation. Such a great product to work with!!” – Rayne Landscape Construction

green carpet tiles

Green Carpet Tiles: Instant Ground Cover!

On the green carpet tiles: instant  ground cover for every situation

As hard surfaces stamp themselves over more of our diminishing housing blocks, lawns shrink in size and importance. And what a pain it is to store a lawn mower for a lawn the size of a picnic rug. Franc and Jenny Coonan were turf farmers south of Brisbane when they saw the writing on the courtyard wall. Noting that orders for sizeable lawns were on a downward slope they converted their business from growing instant lawn to growing instant no-mow ground covers…. From the Sydney Morning Herald

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