Dichondra Plant Tiles

Living Mulch: Sustainable Gardening Australia

Living mulch: waterwise, firewise and seriously good looking!

The above is an interesting article from Sustainable Gardening Australia regarding living mulch which recommends Dichondra repens.

The pic left shows Dichondra repens used as living mulch in a native garden bed. The result is stunning and can be achieved quickly using our Plant Tiles of Dichondra repens. For more information regarding this all-purpose Australasian ground cover see our article here.


ground cover Dichondra repens

Ground Cover Inspiration!

Highlighting ground cover use in the garden, @globallandscapes_kelsy proudly showed photos of this South Yarra project.

Plant Tiles of native ground cover Dichondra repens were easily cut to shape to fill between paving stones to provide an instant, mature, professional finish to the garden design. This low growing ground cover has small lily-like leaves that beautifully soften the hardscape pavers. Great design and construction www.globallandscapes.com.au !