Childcare centres

The ground cover children love so is used in Childcare Centres!

Children love the soft, cool feel of Dichondra repens which is why it is used in Childcare Centres. The daughter of a client couldn’t wait for the Plant Tiles of ground cover Dichondra repens to be planted.  She just had to try walking on them while they were still in the trays!

Thanks to @nisatkinson for this pic.

Plant Tiles Dichondra repens

Garden entrance: Plant Tiles ground cover provides instant make over!

Garden entrance WOW! Enrich Interiors and DC Landscapes recently used our unique Plant Tiles of native ground cover, Dichondra repens, to instantly transform the entrance to a house.

“Plant Tiles! A-mazing! Check them out! @planttiles thanks @dclandscapesptyltd for the intro!
@planttiles thank you!! I’m shouting out all over the place…you’ve got a game changer there ” – @enrich_int

Always wonderful to have happy clients! Thanks to @enrich_int for the before/after pics and quotes on Instagram.