pretty daisy flowers

Daisy Flowers now available in Plant Tiles!

Introducing daisy flowers available in Plant Tiles! Erigeron compositus aka Cutleaf Daisy or Fleabane. Although usually grown in cold/temperate areas, this hardy plant is also quite happy here in Brisbane.

The foliage only grows to 30mm and with the flowers up to a total of 100mm. This self-seeding perennial is perfect for rockeries or garden beds. The pretty, grey/green leaves make a textural point of interest so also look great as an alternative living mulch.

Currently available in our unique Plant Tiles. For more information call 0428 979 984.



Silver Sprinkles Pilea libanensis

Silver Sprinkles is New to Plant Tiles!

Silver Sprinkles aka Pilea libanensis is the newest addition to our range of low growing ground cover plants grown in our unique Plant Tiles.

It is the perfect ground cover for those shady positions along the side of a building.

Sprouting from a reddish stem, the small grey/green leaves provide interesting foliage. Due to the gentle trailing characteristic, this plant also looks great in an indoor pot plant as a no mess living mulch.

Silver Sprinkles is best in a protected area away from direct sunlight and frost and likes well drained soil in which to grow as it prefers not to be over watered.

Able to take low traffic, these plants looks great along the edge of a shady path between buildings or as infill for garden beds under trees.

Where could you use this in your garden?

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