Archival find from when we were Courtyard Magic

An archive from our first expo in 2015 when we were marketing as Courtyard Magic – Just found this from Undercover Architect.


These Living Tiles (from Courtyard Magic) are 330x300mm individually planted grasses and plants to use in your courtyard or garden. Costing $20/tile, they can be delivered via courier (in coolroom storage) in specially designed boxes – anywhere. They are supplied in a tray, and you lift each out and plant it like turf. Create your gorgeous lush garden – they are great to get ‘greenness’ up in your courtyard space, or create a feature in a larger garden. They take light foot traffic (some can be mown), and some of them are even fragrant. Really gorgeous and a clever product.

The display laid out showing the different types of real grasses and plants available in Living Tile form.

Courtyard Magic

Franc Coonan of Courtyard Magic showing me what the plant looks like when you lift it out of the tray – all those little roots binding the tile together, and ready to take off when you plant it.

Courtyard Magic