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Daisy Flowers now available in Plant Tiles!

Introducing daisy flowers available in Plant Tiles! Erigeron compositus aka Cutleaf Daisy or Fleabane. Although usually grown in cold/temperate areas, this hardy plant is also quite happy here in Brisbane. The foliage only grows to 30mm and with the flowers up to a total of 100mm. This self-seeding perennial is perfect for rockeries or garden […]

Silver Sprinkles is New to Plant Tiles!

Silver Sprinkles aka Pilea libanensis is the newest addition to our range of low growing ground cover plants grown in our unique Plant Tiles. It is the perfect ground cover for those shady positions along the side of a building. Sprouting from a reddish stem, the small grey/green leaves provide interesting foliage. Due to the […]

A Lush Alternative Lawn Instantly!

Imagine an alternative lawn of the lush, soft leaves of Dichondra repens! And it can be made instantly using Plant Tiles! Just butt the Plant Tiles together for full coverage immediately! This native plant is low maintenance: no mow, will tolerate sun/part shade as well as heat/frost to -7 degrees Celsius. Yes, it makes a […]

Native Violets make a Great Ground Cover!

Australian Native Violets – Viola hederacea banksii – have such happy little flowers! We love seeing them in our greenhouse growing in our unique Plant Tile form. They always look fantastic planted en masse as a ground cover. Happy in part shade, they look great under trees or used as a alternative living mulch. Additionally, […]

Mature Zoysia tenuifolia Plant Tiles

Fantastic example of mature Zoysia tenuifolia grass! This was installed in Vaucluse, Sydney, using our unique Plant Tiles. Although planted in December 2019, Zoysia tenuifolia is so slow growing that this has not been mown! Pic repost from @niceideagardens

The ground cover children love so is used in Childcare Centres!

Children love the soft, cool feel of Dichondra repens which is why it is used in Childcare Centres. The daughter of a client couldn’t wait for the Plant Tiles of ground cover Dichondra repens to be planted.  She just had to try walking on them while they were still in the trays! Thanks to @nisatkinson […]

Garden entrance: Plant Tiles ground cover provides instant make over!

Garden entrance WOW! Enrich Interiors and DC Landscapes recently used our unique Plant Tiles of native ground cover, Dichondra repens, to instantly transform the entrance to a house. “Plant Tiles! A-mazing! Check them out! @planttiles thanks @dclandscapesptyltd for the intro! @planttiles thank you!! I’m shouting out all over the place…you’ve got a game changer there ” – @enrich_int Always wonderful […]

Ground Cover Inspiration!

Highlighting ground cover use in the garden, @globallandscapes_kelsy proudly showed photos of this South Yarra project. Plant Tiles of native ground cover Dichondra repens were easily cut to shape to fill between paving stones to provide an instant, mature, professional finish to the garden design. This low growing ground cover has small lily-like leaves that […]

2019 MIFGS Gold Show Garden

Huge Congratulations to MUSA Landscape Architecture winning the prestigious title of Gold Show Garden in the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS). MIFGS is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest garden event with over 103,000 people attending the 2019 five day show. The Show Garden was entitled Journey and was an exploration of mental health […]