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White Star Creeper is a new variety!

White Star Creeper is now available in Plant Tiles! This evergreen ground cover has dainty flowers is ideal for sunny or part shaded areas. As it can handle light traffic, plant it between paving stones, bordering garden beds, or let it cascade over rockeries. The variety is known under several names including White Star Creeper, […]

Driveway Epic with Plant Tiles of Dichondra

“Managed to finish off this epic driveway today with the inclusion of the Dichondra @planttiles. About 35000 @bamstone_bluestonecobbles laid at this incredible project that we have been involved in over the past 12 months for a great client! Garden designed by @mudoffice Architecture by @robsonrakarchitects” – Greener Visions The above quote is from Greener Visions […]

Living Mulch? Use Ground Cover Plants!

Use Living Mulch to protect plants! It is well known that gardeners are encouraged to use mulch to cover the bare soil in garden beds. Mulching promotes several positive factors including Assisting to maintain a constant temperature for the roots of plants as it can provide wonderful insulation against the elements. Helping to discourage the […]

Parks Alive at Roma St Parklands

The Horticulturists for the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane were delighted with the quick result when they used our Plant Tiles of no mow Zoysia tenuifolia to infill the Parks Alive signage. “The Zoysia (tenuifolia) worked a treat in the sign and drew lots of attention. ” – Matthew Hayes, Assistant  Horticultural Supervisor, ROMA STREET PARKLAND. Living Signs attract people’s attention as it […]

Easily Cut Plant Tiles for Instant Infill Between Paving

Newly installed Plant Tiles cut into strips and put in between paving by Josh Norman Landscapes www.normanlandscapes.com.au Looks wonderful Josh! Great design by Mud Office www.mudoffice.com.au using native Dichondra repens to soften the hardscape. Find out more about Dichondra repens here.  

Native Dichondra Lawn with Kids!

Native Dichondra Lawn a Winner! Depicting After/Before photos of a gorgeous, alternative, native lawn laid using our Plant Tiles of Dichondra repens. “Our children love walking on it”, said the delighted client. Super easy to lay, Plant Tiles of Dichondra repens quickly changed this front garden into a wonderful space for kids to play. The […]

Dichondra Looks Great Around Swimming Pool

Swimming pool makeover? Our unique Plant Tiles of no mow Dichondra repens look fantastic around this plunge pool. The owner put the gentle undulations in the prepared garden bed to get the soft rolling effect. Pic by REMpro Photography, house design by Fluxe Architecture Studio www.fluxearchitecture.com.au      

Germination Room Keeps Seedlings Growing

The seedlings for our Plant Tiles are nice and warm in our specially designed Germination Room. With a growing temperature of 23 degrees and humidity of 90%, our staff want to stay in there too!