Parks Alive at Roma St Parklands

The Horticulturists for the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane were delighted with the quick result when they used our Plant Tiles of no mow Zoysia tenuifolia to infill the Parks Alive signage.

“The Zoysia (tenuifolia) worked a treat in the sign and drew lots of attention. ” – Matthew Hayes, Assistant  Horticultural Supervisor, ROMA STREET PARKLAND.

Living Signs attract people’s attention as it is fresh, green and, at this stage, unusual. It was a wonderful idea to use this to set the scene as it creates a visual impact directly relating the outdoor event. The whole space around a Living Sign is more attractive simply because of the plants used as opposed to traditional man made plastic signage.

“Parks Alive is a fantastic free event showcasing the stunning splendour of Roma Street Parkland. Set over two days, the event is jam-packed with engaging and unique displays, family-friendly activities, guided Parkland tours, demonstrations by experts, horticulture workshops, live music and gourmet food.” –


Parks Alive