Zen Garden using our Dichondra Plant Tiles

Zen Garden using our no mow Dichondra Plant Tiles

Great Japanese style garden by The Small Garden using our unique Plant Tiles of no mow groundcover Dichondra repens. The instant green really shows off the “mountain peak and rock faces”.


Japanese Gardens

“In contrast to Western gardens, which are designed to accentuate their visible appeal, Japanese gardens are defined by their serenity and potential for spiritual connection to the land. A Japanese-style garden is often a re-imagining of a miniature landscape, a highly stylized and ideal self-contained world. Originally derived from the aesthetics of Chinese gardens and divided in purpose (the gardens of Buddhist monks were designed to foster meditation and contemplation, while the gardens of Japanese nobility were more recreational in nature), modern Japanese gardens can now serve multiple purposes and have their own distinct style.  These gardens are often confined to limited spaces, and therefore the materials used are of the utmost importance.”

Our 5 Favorite Elements of a Traditional Japanese Garden/