Childcare centres

The ground cover children love so is used in Childcare Centres!

Children love the soft, cool feel of Dichondra repens which is why it is used in Childcare Centres. The daughter of a client couldn’t wait for the Plant Tiles of ground cover Dichondra repens to be planted.  She just had to try walking on them while they were still in the trays!

Thanks to @nisatkinson for this pic.

Plant Tiles Dichondra repens

Garden entrance: Plant Tiles ground cover provides instant make over!

Garden entrance WOW! Enrich Interiors and DC Landscapes recently used our unique Plant Tiles of native ground cover, Dichondra repens, to instantly transform the entrance to a house.

“Plant Tiles! A-mazing! Check them out! @planttiles thanks @dclandscapesptyltd for the intro!
@planttiles thank you!! I’m shouting out all over the place…you’ve got a game changer there ” – @enrich_int

Always wonderful to have happy clients! Thanks to @enrich_int for the before/after pics and quotes on Instagram.


Dichondra Plant Tiles

Living Mulch: Sustainable Gardening Australia

Living mulch: waterwise, firewise and seriously good looking!

The above is an interesting article from Sustainable Gardening Australia regarding living mulch which recommends Dichondra repens.

The pic left shows Dichondra repens used as living mulch in a native garden bed. The result is stunning and can be achieved quickly using our Plant Tiles of Dichondra repens. For more information regarding this all-purpose Australasian ground cover see our article here.


ground cover Dichondra repens

Ground Cover Inspiration!

Highlighting ground cover use in the garden, @globallandscapes_kelsy proudly showed photos of this South Yarra project.

Plant Tiles of native ground cover Dichondra repens were easily cut to shape to fill between paving stones to provide an instant, mature, professional finish to the garden design. This low growing ground cover has small lily-like leaves that beautifully soften the hardscape pavers. Great design and construction !





2019 MIFGS Gold Show Garden

Huge Congratulations to MUSA Landscape Architecture winning the prestigious title of Gold Show Garden in the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS). MIFGS is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest garden event with over 103,000 people attending the 2019 five day show.

The Show Garden was entitled Journey and was an exploration of mental health in collaboration with Beyond Blue.

Ryan McMahon designed and coordinated the garden saying “The garden ended in a metal structure that swayed slightly in the wind, each piece peels back a bit more than the one before representing someone ‘opening up’ and reconnecting with friends and family at the end of their journey to improved mental health.”

Time and materials were donated including our unique Plant Tiles of native Dichondra repens, depicted in strips between beautiful, large sandstone pavers.


People's Choice - Plant Tiles

People’s Choice Award winning entry in 2019 MIFGS

Congratulations to Travis Overend for his People’s Choice Award winning entry in the 2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show! Entered in the Avenue of Achievable Gardens, Travis used our Plant Tiles of native Dichondra repens to infill between the pavers, softening the hardscape.

“Wouldn’t of looked like this without your help. Thanks so much to your team.”
– Travis Overend from @travisoverend

Plant Tiles Dichondra repens

First Class Grass Landscaping

Lobelia White Star Creeper

White Star Creeper is a new variety!

White Star Creeper is now available in Plant Tiles! This evergreen ground cover has dainty flowers is ideal for sunny or part shaded areas. As it can handle light traffic, plant it between paving stones, bordering garden beds, or let it cascade over rockeries.

The variety is known under several names including White Star Creeper, Lobelia angulata, Pratia angulata, White Stars, Stars, Panakenake, Pratia pusila or Trailing pratia.

White Star Creeper has a small, deep green, rounded leaf and gently creeps out to form a dense, low growing carpet.

Imagine! A sea of wee white flowers!

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