Plant tiles - Dichondra repens beautifully landscaped yard

Stunning Garden Makeover: Transforming spaces and elevating values!

The allure of seamless indoor-outdoor connections resonates strongly with Australians, and this sentiment is evident in the real estate market, where well-designed, low maintenance gardens and landscaping not only enhances the functionality of a home but also significantly boosts its value. […]

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New Victorian Stockist!

Plant Tiles Australia are thrilled to introduce a new distributor for our Tiles in Victoria: The Mangrove Tree. […]

Garden Society

Diverse Green Alternatives: Rethinking Conventional Lawns

In the realm of landscaping, a fresh wave of ideas is challenging the status quo of the traditional grass lawn. […]

Zoysia Tenuifolia - Main image - beautiful ground cover plant with circular tiles

Unveiling the Beauty of Low Maintenance Zoysia Tenuifolia: A Client Success Story

At Last! A Low Maintenance, Alternative Lawn That Stands the Test of Time – Zoysia Tenuifolia […]

Dichondra Tiny Delight- using a pen as a guide to show size

Introducing Dichondra Tiny Delight PBR!

Introducing the enchanting “Dichondra Tiny Delight PBR,” a delightful new addition to the world of ground covers. Dichondra Tiny Delight PBR is a captivating plant that showcases small, dark green leaves and will quickly hit the Best Ground Cover Plants list! […]

Andrew Spencer - Native Violets - instant ground cover - beautifully landscaped garden - plant tiles australia

Maximizing Space: Courtyard Garden Ideas with Instant Native Violet Ground Cover!

Landscaping ideas for small backyards and courtyard gardens can present unique challenges. However, with the right ideas and techniques, you can transform these compact spaces into stunning outdoor retreats. […]

Lisa Kaplan - Zoysia tenuifolia - new plant tiles picture of the month

Low maintenance garden – Pic of the Month

Using Zoysia tenuifolia is a trending garden idea for a low maintenance lawn alternative and is an excellent ground cover for high traffic areas. […]

dichondra repens Plant tiles australia Lee Gray Landscape designs - low maintenance lawn alternative

Great Landscaping Idea for Small Backyards – Pic of the month

Using Plant Tiles made from Dichondra repens is an excellent way to add instant beauty and texture to a small backyard. […]

Transforming Small Backyards: Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives and Ground Cover Options

Want the look of a lawn but don’t want the upkeep? There are plenty of low-maintenance alternatives to consider. We discuss 3 great options in native Dichondra repens, Zoysia tenuifolia & native Violets. […]

Zoysia tenuifolia - plant nursery picture - Plant Tiles - Feb 2023

No mow lawn – Zoysia tenuifolia – Pic of the month

Which grass passes the barefoot and no mow lawn test?
Zoysia tenuifolia, a hardy ground cover which is available in our Plant Tiles! […]