Unveiling the Beauty of Low Maintenance Zoysia Tenuifolia: A Client Success Story

2023/07/17 at 11:30 am

At Last! A Low Maintenance, Alternative Lawn That Stands the Test of Time – Zoysia Tenuifolia

Our wonderful clients have shared their awe-inspiring journey of transforming their front yard into a low maintenance haven with Zoysia Tenuifolia. In a few short months, they witnessed the magic of Zoysia Tenuifolia as it grew from carefully cut Plant Tiles into a lush green oasis, now enjoyed by their playful dogs and delighted visitors. Let’s explore how you too can achieve this enchanting lawn alternative using a hardy ground cover without breaking the bank!

From Tiles to Plugs: Your Cost-Effective Journey Begins

Discover a clever way to reduce the capital outlay when establishing vast areas of Zoysia Tenuifolia – all thanks to the ingenious method shared by our satisfied customers. After acquiring our premium Plant Tiles, the first step is to cut each Tile into smaller squares or plugs, approximately 110mm x 110mm in size – akin to a 110mm pot. Using shears or large scissors, you can obtain nine such pieces from each Tile.

Alternatively, for more extensive coverage, consider cutting the Tiles into even smaller plugs, measuring 55mm x 55mm. With this method, you’d get an impressive 36 plugs from each Tile. Exciting possibilities await!

The Art of Planting: A Checkerboard Symphony

Achieving a seamless, full coverage Zoysia Tenuifolia lawn lies in the way you plant these green gems. Embrace the checkerboard pattern, as displayed in our attached photograph. The secret lies in planting a plug, leaving a gap on the ground of similar size, planting another plug, and repeating this pattern throughout the area.

However, be prepared for the patient growth process as Zoysia Tenuifolia is known for its leisurely pace in covering the gaps between each planted square. That is why it is so successful as a low maintenance lawn alternative! Several factors come into play here:

  1. Timing is Everything: Choose the right time of year for planting, as Zoysia Tenuifolia growth slows down when the soil temperature drops below 20 degrees. Timing is crucial to ensure your newly planted plugs flourish in the warmer months.
  2. Hydration is Key: Larger areas will necessitate an above-ground sprinkler irrigation system to prevent the plant from drying out. Zoysia’s growth process begins with root establishment, followed by the spread of runners to cover the ground. Adequate moisture is vital for its progress. Moist soil encourages root setting and continuous growth, while dry, hard soil hinders its expansion.
  3. Preparing the Soil: The rate of growth largely depends on how well you prepare the soil for planting. Give Zoysia Tenuifolia the best possible start by preparing a nutrient-rich, well-aerated soil bed.

A Dream Turned Reality

Embarking on the Zoysia Tenuifolia journey can unlock the full potential of your lawn, with a striking blend of beauty and practicality. Witness the remarkable transformation of your landscape as it evolves into a lush, low maintenance paradise.

Join the league of ecstatic customers who have embraced Zoysia Tenuifolia, and let nature weave its magic. Say goodbye to high maintenance lawns and welcome the enchantment of Zoysia Tenuifolia – your green dream come true!

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Zoysia Tenuifolia - Main image - beautiful ground cover plant with circular tiles