A Ducks story about hardy ground cover

2023/01/16 at 9:44 am

We are frequently asked for landscaping ideas for small backyards that include alternatives to grass or ground cover for shady areas. Then we had an enquiry for a hardy, shade tolerant ground cover for a high traffic area for ducks!!

We suggested Australian native ground covers Dichondra repens and Pratia pedunculata that are available in our unique Plant Tiles and which had great results.

Happy ducks, happy clients!

Hi Franc,
I would like to order 15 of your Dichondra Repens plant tiles please. We ordered some in December as a trial for a section of our backyard which has been an ugly patch of dirt since our neighbour’s palm trees grew to a height where they block out most of the sun about 5 years ago.

We have re-turfed 3 times but it keeps on dying and we have 4 ducks so we are limited to what we can do with that area.

We are absolutely thrilled with how the plant tiles are going (and our ducks love our soft they are under their little feet)! We left some gaps to see how fast they would grow together but we did not expect most of the gaps to be filled in less than a week. Attached are some photos.

I am so happy that I found your website and your amazing product! Winter will be the real test as we get even less sun then but so far it seems very hopeful. If they survive this winter, we will buy more then to complete the area. Thank you so much for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,