No mow lawn – Zoysia tenuifolia – Pic of the month

2023/03/03 at 11:30 am

A stunning picture of a field of Zoysia tenuifolia in our plant nursery located at Plant Tiles Australia

Which grass passes the barefoot and no mow lawn test?

Zoysia tenuifolia, a hardy ground cover which is available in our Plant Tiles!

How good does this Zoysia look? This stunning pic was taken in our plant nursery as the Tiles await their forever homes.

The lush growth beckons you to take off your shoes to walk on it!

Zoysia tenuifolia is an excellent ground cover for a high traffic area, so is perfect as a low maintenance lawn alternative or, cut to put between paving stones. Zoysia is happy to take any amount of foot traffic. 🤩

Followers on our social media love how soft and lush the Zoysia tenuifolia looks so no wonder it is on the best ground cover plants list!

Providing solutions for how to landscape small areas quickly and easily, Plant Tiles create instant ground cover and are a trending garden idea for both DIY garden enthusiasts or professional landscapers.

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