Transforming Small Backyards: Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives and Ground Cover Options

2023/04/03 at 4:44 pm

A small backyard can still be a beautiful and functional outdoor space with the right landscaping choices. A trending garden idea in landscaping is the use of low-maintenance lawn alternatives and hardy ground cover. Not only do they require less upkeep than traditional grass lawns, but they can also add visual interest and texture to your backyard. Here are some options to consider:

No Mow Lawns

If you want to eliminate the need for mowing altogether, consider planting a “no mow” lawn. These types of lawns consist ground cover plants you can walk on, grow slowly and stay low to the ground, so they don’t need to be mowed as often, if at all!

Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

If you still want the look of a lawn but don’t want the upkeep, there are plenty of low-maintenance alternatives to consider. Great options include native Dichondra repens, Zoysia tenuifolia and native Violets as these will all take some traffic.

Hardy Ground Cover

For areas where grass won’t grow or where you want to add visual interest, consider planting hardy ground cover. These plants, used in Plant Tile form, make great, instant lawn alternatives and can withstand foot traffic, making them ideal for walkways and play areas. Some options to consider include Zoysia tenuifolia, Dichondra repens, and native violets.

Zoysia Tenuifolia

Also known as “no-mow grass” or “petting grass”, Zoysia tenuifolia is a low-growing grass that forms a dense, carpet-like mat and will stand up to moderate to high traffic It has a very fine, deep green leaf and loves sun or part shade.

Dichondra Repens

Dichondra repens is a low-growing ground cover that can be used as an alternative to grass. It has small, round leaves that form a dense mat, and it’s ideal for areas with partial shade or full sun. It can withstand moderate foot traffic and has attractive, lily pad like leaves.

Native Violets

Native violets are a popular ground cover option because they’re easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. They have heart-shaped leaves and delicate purple flowers that bloom in the spring. They prefer part shade and can withstand light to moderate foot traffic.

In conclusion, there are many low-maintenance lawn alternatives and hardy ground cover options to consider when looking for landscaping ideas for small backyards. By choosing the right plants and materials, you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that requires minimal upkeep. Whether you opt for a no mow lawn, low-maintenance lawn alternatives, or hardy ground cover, your small backyard can be transformed into a beautiful oasis.

Happy Native Violets add lush 3D interest to this side path and soften the stepping stones to welcome visitors. This stunning photo was sent to us from a delighted client who used our Plant Tiles of Native Violets for instant infill for this landscaped entry way.
About to be, and newly planted Plant Tiles of Dichondra repens