Pratia pedunculata – White Star Creeper | Trending Garden Idea

2022/09/14 at 3:31 am

Pratia pedunculata is a dainty, low growing ground cover forms a carpet of green with a profusion of starry flowers for most of the year in warmer areas and spring/summer in temperate areas.

Definitely one of the prettiest, best ground cover plants!

It can be grown in full sun or is a great partial shade tolerant ground cover.

We have only seen Pratia pedunculata grow up to 2-3cm in height and its robust nature means that it will accommodate light foot traffic.

  • Great attractive filler grass for between pavers.
  • Perfect small garden idea!
  • Imagine! A sea of wee white flowers!
  • Use as a living mulch rather than bark chips for a low maintenance garden.
  • Use as a low maintenance lawn alternative for a low traffic area!
  • Perfect to trail over a retaining wall or pot

The best news is that this gorgeous plant is now available in our unique Plant Tiles for instant garden makeovers!

Get more information here on Plant tiles Australia’s White Star Creeper – Pratia Pedunculata.

Pratia pedunculata - Pratia White Star Creeper
Pratia White Star Creeper - Pratia pedunculata